North Island Champs

jakeSo back into the Trials scene riding rounds 7&8 of the North Island Trials Champs down here in Wellington. This was Jakes first outing on the new Gas Gas 300 which he is now competing on, the bike looks awesome and is definitely turning some heads!

It took some getting use to in the slippery wet conditions due to the more aggressive power of the bike than what he has been use to, however, very happy with how it feels and looking forward to the next couple of months training in the lead up to the NZ Champs over labour weekend in October.

Jake won both days with a 34 point lead on day one and a 12 point lead on day 2, made too many mistakes on day 2 that cost him a few too many points, allowing 2nd place to get very close at one point. Still happy to take the overall win for the weekend and taking away a few things to improve and sharpen up on before the NZ Champs.


A big thanks to the sponsor;

NTB Racing

Gas Gas New Zealand


Spectro Oil




New Bike!!

Jake was so excited about his brand new bike that he even brought it into the house!




As of today with the support of NTB Racing and Gas Gas NZ, Jake will now be competing on a factory replica Gas Gas 300 in all Trials events. Big thanks to Mark and Angela at NTB for getting it all ready this week so Jake can adapt in time for this coming weekend North Island Trials Champs in  Wellington.

See you all this weekend.


Title Number 7!!

Hey Guys,



A successful labour weekend for me up in Tauranga at the NZ Trials Champs, I managed to win my 7th consecutive title!
Pretty happy to have pulled it off once again and everything come together over the 3 days.
My lead up to this years event was completely different to any others with the majority of this year being taken up on the Enduro bike, I was glad to get on the trials bike a few weeks out and everything still feel familiar. 
I started off on Saturday with a win, only losing a single point which was great for my confidence for the next couple of days, however, second and third place were losing very few marks as well which was keeping the pressure on. Sunday the organisers toughened up the sections which was good to see, I managed to get through my first two laps faultless taking a good lead over the rest of the guys, on my last lap I had a couple of lapses in concentration and failed two sections, was a bit frustrated to come unstuck like that but was still glad to see the points difference  between me and second place at the end of the day.
Monday morning I was feeling good to wrap things up, again the sections looked to be set at a good level, I failed one of the difficult sections in the morning on lap one but had a good last two laps of the three days losing 3 and 2 points. 


Overall happy with how I rode throughout the event and stoked to win another title, the Bike was running awesome and didn’t miss a beat all weekend thanks to Kapiti Beta for their support and the rest of my sponsors for helping make it all happen again.  
Spectro Oils
Kapiti Beta
Michelin tyres 
Back on the Enduro bike this weekend for the Taupo 4 hour

2012 New Zealand Champs

Hay everyone,


Just arrived home after our 3 day New Zealand Championship over labour weekend. This year it was held down in the south Island in Alexandra, one of my most favorite places to ride with all sections being set on big slabs of rock with endless traction. I made it 6 titles in a row this year winning the expert class with a clean three days, which meant I was able to ride faultless the entire competition, something I haven’t been able to do since I was riding in the junior class but never a three day event!!


The event was set on the easier side to the usual standard of sections here in NZ, the top few riders were loosing very few points which made it a tough event mentally, a laps in concentration could have resulted in a very different outcome, even the riders in the bottom end of the grade had very low scores for a championship level event. After handing in 4 lap cards of zero on Saturday I new it was going to be possible to ride the rest of the two days clean as well, the sections down there don’t change a lot and the conditions were good although on Sunday there were some high gusts of wind come through which made things interesting on top of some of the higher rocks.

Monday there were a couple of slightly tougher sections which took some points off the other riders, it was a awesome feeling coming out of the last section on Monday with another clean lap card, although it was an easy event it was a huge relive to accomplish such a perfect win.

A massive thanks to my minder Nick, Wellington Ixion club and everyone who helped me in making it all come together once again,



My sponsors, couldn’t have accomplished what I have done this season without you all!!!


Spectro oils
Kapiti beta motorcycles
Hynds pipes
The gadget guys ( Bluetooth communication system)

Thanks again,


2012 Australian Moto Trials Championship


Hay everyone,
Very happy to say I won my 3rd Australian title over the weekend in Perth!
A great feeling to finish the weekend on top, a very low scoring two days of riding between the top few riders which made for a difficult event making it tough to get a comfortable lead, however I managed to ride a pretty tidy couple of days with a lap of 12 on the first lap on Saturday followed by a lap of zero giving me a 13 point lead over second place Kyle Middleton.
Sunday morning i was feeling good but a shaky start on the first section resulted in a messy 3 points, didn’t take two long to get settled and only lost one more point on the first lap, Kyle was still right there on a lap of 7.
My final lap started off really strong cleaning the first 3 sections before a big down poor of rain settled in!! After that it was one of the wettest trials I have ridden in a long time.  The sections got slippery really quickly and i lost 5 points on section 10, not making one of the bigger rock slabs of the day.
I didnt loose anymore points during the last lap and finished the day on a total of 9 points to Kyle’s 18.
An amazing feeling to have taken out another Australian title, thanks to everyone that made it possible, Darryl and estelle boorer at team Kaos, my minder Nick, my girlfriend Georgina for making the trip over with me, along with dad.
My sponsors,
Spectro oils,
Kaos trials team,
Kapiti beta motorcycles,
The gadget guys

Western Australian Championship

Gidday guys,

I’m over in Western Australia at the moment getting ready for this years Australian Championship this coming weekend. We arrived on Thursday and I rode in the WA state Championship on Sunday.
It was an extremely easy event which made it a very difficult in an Irish kind of a way, one very small mistake can cost you the win and that’s exactly what happened. With sections no harder than our A grade back home it is impossible to come back from an unlucky call on one section when you have two riders riding at a similar level. I finished 2nd for the day on 6 points. 

Congratulations to Neil Price for taking out the win, top ride for a bludy top bloke!! 

Looking forward now to the weekend ahead with some training during the week 
In sunny Perth!!



North Island Champs Rnd 5&6

Hey guys,


Great weekend at rounds 5&6 of the North Island Champs, was nice to ride a local event with it being the Wellington Ixion clubs turn to host a round. Had a good ride all weekend feeling confident on the slippery conditions that our local Wellington venues offer.

After spending the last few weekends on the KTM Enduro bike I was feeling a little rusty on the trials bike coming in to the weekend, however it didn’t take long to get in to the swing of it again. Saturday I found the sections set a bit on the easier side for a North Island Championship, but Sunday I found the sections level about bang on. In the last couple of years I have noticed the level of sections being backed off from what I remember it being in the earlier days of riding in this top level of this sport here in New Zealand, it would be awesome to have more of this level of riding back in the Expert class in the near future.

Overall another good weekend on the bike and now I have my sights set on the Australian Championship in early September.


A big thanks to everyone for there support over the weekend, family and friends great to have you all out there.


My Sponsors,


Spectro oils,


Gadget guys,



TCX boots,


Kapiti beta motorcycles,






Australian World Round!!


Hey Guys,


Well we arrived back home early hours of this morning after a full on couple of weeks over in Australia, at rounds 3&4 of the World Championship this weekend just been.
My minder Nick and I flew into Sydney on the 17th , so we had plenty of time to run in the new factory 300 supplied by team KAOS. We headed out to the famous pacific park to train on the rocks there for the weekend, we got the bike running sweet after a few minor adjustments.

On Monday and Tuesday we were busy preparing the bikes and loading the van at the teams head quarters, thanks to Darryl and Estelle Boorer for putting us up and taking care of absolutely everything!
Wednesday we had an early start on the road through to Melbourne, just a quick 9 hour drive.

Thursday we had a practice at the venue along with all the over European riders that had made the trip over, followed by another practice Friday and walking of the sections in the afternoon. All 15 sections looked really good all full of big steeps and rock walls with a man made log section to finish up on 15.

Saturday morning it was really wet as the rain had set in over night, I had a good start time with a few of the top riders in front to be able to watch the lines they were using which was helpful.

My first lap was a bit shakey and i wasn’t feeling the best on the bike, things started going much better going into the second lap, improved on a few of the harder sections. I finished the day in 7th place equaling my best finish in the WTC last year, but I wasn’t happy with my consistency in my riding and was a little disappointed in the result.

Sunday morning the sections had dried out a lot and again I had a good start time amongst the top five European riders, was feeling really good on the bike and was cleaning some of the sections I wasnt getting through on Saturday,

My scores were much lower over the day and I was much more competitive with the top riders in the class.
After another big day of riding some really big sections I finally got my first top five finish in the World Championship, I was happy to have finished 5th but was frustrating to see how close second place was!!!
A massive thanks to all the hundreds of Kiwis who made the trip over and for shouting words of encouragement along the way, Darryl and Estelle Boorer, my minder Nick for all his efforts and support along with his family, Mum and Dad and my partner Georgina.

My sponsors,

Team Kaos,
Kapiti beta,
Spectro oil,
Gadget Guys




Off to Aussie…

Hey Guys,

Well Jake left yesterday for Sydney, where he will be training up until the World Round.
We all wish him the best of luck with his endeavors in this round!!!

Im sure Jake will fill you in as soon as he can about the weekend of the event and include some photos, so watch this space. :-)

For all of you who don’t know, we have entered a video of Jake in the Hitachi Heat Pump competition in hope of winning the grand prize of $10,000 to go towards his 2012 trials season. Your votes would be greatly appreciated!!






Jake taranaki

First two rounds of the season

Hay guys,

Well the first two rounds up in Taranaki (North Island Championship) kicked off with a good result to start the year, winning both days comfortably.

After finishing runner up in the NO WAY IN HELL extream enduro a few weeks ago on the Honda Montesa 4tr, I have been back into training full on with the Beta 300 2 stroke, my choice of weapon once again for the 2012 trials season along with my Minder Nick Ball, who will again be assisting me throughout the year in a coaching role as well as full time at events.

On Saturday it was a great chance to put all the techniques into play that we have been working hard on, although the sections were set on the easier side to accommodate some of the newer riders into the grade it was still a good chance to use these techniques in an actual event.

Most of the sections were on rocks however Sundays event was completely different with slippery rivers and tree covered sections, good to have a bit of variety and again came out on top with a nice lead over the day which can be difficult at times with a very low scoring event.

I’m happy with where I’m at with the level of riding and feel I’m pushing in the right direction for the World championship round held inAustraliain May. At this stage all my focus is going into this event, I’m really looking forward to riding in a WTC so close to home along with many New Zealanders that are going to watch.



Big thanks to my sponsors;


Spectro Oils,
The Gadget guys,
Kapiti Beta motorcycles,
Team Kaos.
Hutt boyz choppers,



Kind regards,

Jake Whitaker








“Photo courtesy Andy McGechan, BikesportNZ.com”