First two rounds of the season

Hay guys,

Well the first two rounds up in Taranaki (North Island Championship) kicked off with a good result to start the year, winning both days comfortably.

After finishing runner up in the NO WAY IN HELL extream enduro a few weeks ago on the Honda Montesa 4tr, I have been back into training full on with the Beta 300 2 stroke, my choice of weapon once again for the 2012 trials season along with my Minder Nick Ball, who will again be assisting me throughout the year in a coaching role as well as full time at events.

On Saturday it was a great chance to put all the techniques into play that we have been working hard on, although the sections were set on the easier side to accommodate some of the newer riders into the grade it was still a good chance to use these techniques in an actual event.

Most of the sections were on rocks however Sundays event was completely different with slippery rivers and tree covered sections, good to have a bit of variety and again came out on top with a nice lead over the day which can be difficult at times with a very low scoring event.

I’m happy with where I’m at with the level of riding and feel I’m pushing in the right direction for the World championship round held inAustraliain May. At this stage all my focus is going into this event, I’m really looking forward to riding in a WTC so close to home along with many New Zealanders that are going to watch.



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Kind regards,

Jake Whitaker








“Photo courtesy Andy McGechan,”