NZ Hard Enduro Series

Thanks everyone for the help an support yesterday in the pits at the last round of the extreme enduro series. Started the day off with high hopes with a narrow series lead over Chris Birch. Felt good at the beginning of the race and was enjoying the steep terrain out in moonshine Valley. Shortly after moving into second place on the first lap I lost the front in a turn and painfully brought a past knee injury back to life. After some time rolling around in the dirt trying to convince myself it’s not that bad I decided to carry on.I finished off the first lap Jane quickly managed to strap my knee and I went out for my second. Not far in it was clear I couldn’t push very hard and was no where near the race pace. I battled around for the remaining 4 laps and could only manage 4th. This gave me 2nd in the overall. Big congrats to Chris, Hamish and Angus you all rode awesome and would have been bludy tough to beat even on a good day…no excuses boys top effort.