Scott Goggles

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the well known Scott brand for two seasons now. From riding clothing through to my goggles, Scott has me sorted.

Up until last weekend, I’ve been using the Scott Hustle goggle which I have found to be a great choice! From a plain set of goggles through to the roll off and tear off systems, I have always been really happy.

The new Scott Prospect goggle was something I was really looking forward to getting my hands on. They look great, come in awesome different colour schemes and with the extra wide roll off lens, the rider has so much extra vision – who wouldn’t want a set. I put them through a great test in the weekend running them at probably the muddiest race of the season. I was using the roll of system and obviously the extra width of the roll is really beneficial. I had no fogging and they preformed well in all the rain. I was still able to run them when plenty of other riders had long ditched their goggles.

Grab yourself a set of the new Scott Prospect goggle from your local dealer.