Rider Profile

Name: Jake Whitaker

Born: 5 July 1991

Family: Lives with Mum and Dad, two older brothers and a younger sister

Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand

Hobbies: Trials Push Bike and MX Riding

Favorite Food: Mum’s Lasagna

1st Trial: North Island Summer Series 2003

Favorite Trial: South Island Champs in Alexandra [Awesome Rocks!]

Most Respected Rival Rider: Kyle Middleton (Australian Rider)

Most Memorable Moment: Winning the Australian Championship for the first time in 2010.

Biggest Career Influence: Dad

Ultimate Aspiration in Life: To become World Champion

Personal Motto: If we knew we couldn’t fail, what wouldn’t we try


Current Moto Cycling Achievements:

Jake is a 3 time Australian Trials Champion and the current 7 times New Zealand Trials Champions.

Click here to see Jake’s achievements! 


Background Information:

From a very young age Jake showed great enthusiasm and skill on wheels. At the age of four he had mastered his two wheeler bike, progressed to a skateboard then to a trials push bike. He began riding a trials motorcycle at the age of 13, and soon became a huge passion.  He showed great skill and balance from this young age and with the help of some willing mentors was soon winning events across the country. He was the youngest ever to win the national title back in 2007 in the Expert Grade at the age of 16.  He spent the 2008 race season competing on the world stage which was a fantastic and challenging experience (also an expensive one).  In 2010 he has been competing closer to home, however travelling over the Tasman to compete against a higher level of riders In Australia.  Which he is now Austrialian 2010 Champion.

Jake spends up to two hours a day practicing on the bike during the height of the season and cut this down to one hour in the off season. He also spends an hour running and is in the gym every second day.

Other Achievements:

Guinness world record for “the fastest time over 21 oil drums on a trials motor bike,” Jake was asked in April last year to participate in the show “NZ Smashes Guinness World Records” he was first approached by Chris Burch, a NZ Enduro Champion who thought Jake would be the man for the job. He thought it would be fun so agreed to take part in the show.


Jake comfortably bet the record and has since already travelled to Beijing, China, and bet his own record of 11.37 seconds and replaced it with his new current record of 10.993 seconds.


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