Past News


Hi All,

Well I have had a full on past week or two and a lot of fun along the way. At this point in time i’m in Beijing China after Just breaking my World record again (fastest time over 21 oil drums ). My orginal record stood at 11.37 seconds and yesterday I got it down to 10.993, However the conditions were extreamly testing as the weather here at the moment is extreamly cold sitting at minus 9 degrees most days. On top of not being able to feel my fingers infact the majority of my body the steel drums were quit slippery with being so cold so this made it very difficult.

A few weeks ago I was called by a big Tv Company over here, They are currently running a Guiness world record show and wanted me over here to attempt my own record again so the next day after returning from holiday in Fiji we were on our way here, going from 35 degrees to minus 9 degrees is a big shock to the system. We have a couple more days left here to have a look around Beijing then back home in time for Christmas. I will add photos as soon as i get home.




Hey guys,

Over the Weekend I competed in my last major event for the season, the 3 day New Zealand Championship held up in Hamilton.

My lead up to this event had been excellent especially with a convincing win over in Aussie a few weeks ago so I guess I could say I was feeling confident in retaining my title, I just had to keep focused for three days. Saturday morning in practice the bike was running sweet and I was feeling on form which is always a good start to the day, I remained with a clean score card right up to section 10 on my last lap where I needed a dab over a slippery log, I new at the beginning of the day the weather forecast was for showers in the afternoon so we made the call to ride the first two laps in front of everyone whilst the ground was still dry and there was more grip available, on the 3rd and final lap of the 12 sections the rain started but made little difference to my riding. I finished the day off with Just that single mark with my nearest competition on double figures.

Day two was quite a bit different as in the terrain that the 12 sections were set on, With the first day being on big round rocks and now moving on to slippery creeks and banks this was going to be a completely different day and finding traction was the biggest thing, However in the weeks leading up to this event this has been something I have been working hard on in training and was feeling really at home on the slippery conditions. I lost one point on my first lap then two points on my second and four on my last. I was happy with the score as by the 3rd lap it was really bucketing down with rain and the sections were extremely muddy and slippery and with my nearest rival on 53 points for the day I had 8 points in total after two days.

Day three the venue was much the same as the previous day with some river sections on very slippery rocks and logs with some good size banks, At this stage I wasn’t feeling any pressure at all as I had a big lead going into this last day so I was able to relax a bit and just enjoy the event. My first lap I completed with 4 points lost, most of them lost on the river sections not being able to see what is under the muddy water is a bit of a hit or miss game sometimes and took a few points off me throughout the day, My second lap I lost five points followed by my last lap again with 4 points, With a total of 13 points for the day I was happy with my consistency in my riding and even more happy to claim my 5th New Zealand Championship in a row.

A massive thanks goes out to everyone for there support throughout the season and over the weekend especially, My Minder Nick Ball, My Family for being there and supporting me, Kapiti Beta Motorcycles and the Hamilton club for putting on a great 3 days.


My Sponsors,

Spectro oils, DID chains, NGK,
Rental, Michelin, TCX boots,
Hutt boyz Choppers,
The gadget guys– (blue tooth communication ) ,
Hynds pipes,
Interislander ferrys
Kapiti Beta Motorcycles,
Team Kaos Australia and
Suspensions R’ US


Many thanks,

Jake Whitaker


Hi Guys,

The past two weeks I have been over in Australia riding. On the weekend of the 23rd and 24th I competed in The South Australian Championship inAdelaide, I found the Saturday quite easy as the sections were set at a low level. However, it was a good test of concentration. I came away with a good lead on day one and went into Sunday confident and after seeing the sections that were set for day two, i was looking forward to something a wee bit more challenging. Again I rode well with one of Australians top riders Kyle Middleton pushing me slightly but over the day I managed to get a good lead to take the overall win and take the Championship.


Last weekend was the Australian Championship with the actual days of competition being on Sunday and Monday. I was feeling great on the Beta Evo 290 supplied and prepared by Team KAOS.

We didn’t get an awful amount of bike time in, due to the weather and the practice area didn’t open till the Friday before. However, day one on Sunday I was feeling good although the sections set again on the easy side, there was not much room for error and it was going to be a low scoring event, I made very few mistakes on my first lap in fact only three points in one section.


My second lap I managed to ride faultless which was enough to secure the win for day one with already a 18 point lead over second place.  Day two the sections were set at a much higher standard which was much better.

I started the day off with a failure on section two which was the toughest section of the day, I lost one other point on my first lap so with a total of 6. I was still the only rider on single figures my second lap I managed to get that same section two for two points which was my only points lost for my last and final lap of the weekend.

I won my second Australian title with a 39 point lead which was an amazing feeling and something that I am very proud of. I have worked extremely hard for it this year and it’s awesome to have all the hard work pay off.

A big thanks to everyone for there support here in NZ and Aussie Team Kaos Especially, my partner Georgina, my minder Nick Ball for a fantastic effort over the past couple of weeks an especially the months leading up to it with training, Mum And Dad and my sponsors:

Kaos trials team,
Kapit Beta Motorcycles,
Hutt Boyz Choppers,
Hynds Pipes,
Spectro oils,
DID chains,
Michelin tyres,




Hi everyone,

Well I’m back home now after a awesome three months away in Europe,although I didn’t quit achieve what I wanted to over there I learnt a lot and got heaps out of the whole experience. There is so many people I need to thank that have played a huge part in getting me over there this year you all know who you are,
I am now fully focused on my attempt to retain my australian championship in november and of course my nz title over labour weekend.

This weekend I have the last two rounds of the north island series which I have missed four rounds while away overseas however I’m looking forward to riding in my first event in nz since being back, the last two rounds next weekend are going to be held up in hawks bay, I usually really enjoy riding up there it’s always a great event so bring on next weekend.

A big thanks to the New Zealand and Australian trials fraternity for all there support and donations in helping me do what I wanted to this year riding in the World Championship.

Karl Clark for all the support and minding over the 3 months we both learnt a lot and the experience was grate.
Most of all a huge huge thanks to my family here at home along with my extremely supportive girlfriend Georgina for all her encouragement and support couldn’t have done it without you!!!




Hi Guys,

Well I rode my last event over here for the year over the weekend In Scotland, We arrived in Fort William the famous venue of the Scottish 6 days trial on Friday evening. Saturday Morning was practice and look at the sections, In practice i found the river beds extremely slippery and difficult to ride however after a good hour or two I felt much more confident on the bike.

After looking at the sections it was clear that riding in Scotland is like no other world round I had ridden, A few of the sections really reminded me of home. The majority of the sections needed to be ridden non stop just because they were so long and with the type of terrain it was if you can get going and get into a good flow it is much better just to keep as smooth as possible and ride them nice and flowing.

I started the event off feeling good on the first few sections but started to come unstuck with a few threes on some of the more longer more difficult sections, I had some good rides on some of the tougher ones however i was just lacking in consistency. Also the lap of sections was really big way up in the mountains at one stage and I took a few time penalty points at the end for going over my allocated time.

I finished 9th for the day which I’m a bit disappointed with, Was really pushing to finish on a good result for my last event but these things happen, I managed to get a few places back in the overall championship, going into the weekend I was sitting in 13th position and now I’m 10th=. I will loose a few places in the overall as I am missing out the last two rounds in France in a couple of months due to the expense of being over here.

A massive thanks to the Top trial team for there support over the Last few months, Karl Clark for being over here minding for me its been an awesome time we have both learn t lot’s. Also a special thanks to all the Kiwi and in fact Aussie support I had in Scotland over the weekend.





Hi Guys,

Past week I have just been training here in Italy, This weekend we are up in the North of Italy training at another riders place on some
slippery terrain getting ready for the Scotland World round this coming weekend. We flying over on Friday morning to be there for some training in the afternoon and practice day Saturday followed by the event on Sunday.

This is my last event over here and I’m looking forward to riding in Scotland I have heard so much about it over the years, I’m feeling good on the bike and will be looking to finish off over here on a good note next Sunday.





Hey guys,

Sunday I had my last event here in Italy an Italian Hard Trial about four hours away from where we are here in Florence in a place called Lazzatte, The sections were all set out in a type of outdoor area, purpose built for trials. The sections were reasonably big and difficult as there was some rain overnight which made a few of the sections really tough.

I finished up in 6th position which wasn’t were I wanted to be but still not completely bad and a big improvement from the first event I rode here in Italy coming up 3 months ago.

Big thanks to Karl for minding and and the team for all the support along with everyone back home.

This week we are preparing for the Scotland world round which is next weekend, it’s my last event before returning home a week after so will be doing my best to finish off on a good note over here.





Hi Guys,

On Thursday night I rode in another Italian Indoor Championship, we arrived at the venue a few days earlier which was cool as the venue was very close to the sea so along with Jack Challoner, Davide Zaccagnini and a few of the other riders we went for a run to cheek out the sights along the beach, then jumped in for a swim to cool off.

Thursday afternoon I had the qualifying lap to ride in which didn’t go to plan what so ever, We had a puncher on the first section landing a bit to heavily on a sharp steel edge of a skip bin, you only have 6 minutes to complete 4 sections so any any problems during that time have to be sorted fast, however we got back up and running and completed the lap loosing 6 points but 5 for time penalty’s, I was very lucky to make the top ten and get into the semi final in 9th position.

I was feeling good on the bike and lost only 4 points in the semi final leading the event for awhile and finished the semi final in 2nd place, this still didn’t secure me a spot in the final as only the top 4 riders go through and i had 4 dual lane races to get through i won two of them and lost 2 when you come second in these races you get 2 points added on to your score, with my two wins this gave me enough to make it into the final which was awesome and a big improvement from my first indoor event earlier in the season considering I didn’t even qualify.

The sections in the final are much more difficult and bigger than the qualifying and semi final lap, I started the lap off with a 5 on a big steep after not realizing the bike had clicked into 4th gear after scrapping it along the edge of a pipe before the steep which gave me a big shock when i went to set off. It was then very close between all 4 riders and at the last section I was fighting for 3rd position, The last section was probably one of the most difficult and biggest and defiantly
the most ballsy thing I have had to do especially when I arrived at the top and had to drop off front wheel first 5 meters up. I cleaned the section to finish with my best result of this year on the podium in 3rd position, i was really happy with the result along with the rest of the

A big thanks to my team Top Trial everyone for there support Karl Clark for minding and again all of you back home for your words of encouragement.

This weekend on Sunday I have an Italian outdoor event which is held again on arena type sections in a place called Lazzate, I have ridden here in past years and have enjoyed it every time so I’m looking forward to getting back there and giving my best shoot for another good result.





Hi Guys,

Last Thursday night I rode in my second Italian Indoor Championship and had a much better ride than the last, I only lost 5 points on my qualifying lap which put me straight into the semi final, I only lost 5 points again in the semi final after having a big crash over the bars after my hand slipping off the bar on a big steep.

Things were looking good to make it to the final as there is only the top 4 riders picked to enter in the final, however on the race section there was a misunderstanding on one of the rules well one that i wasn’t told about anyway, On the turn around there is a line and I thought you had to cross it before turning however I was wrong and you needed to turn before, Although I still won the race I was given 5 points which put me out of the final and put me way back in 8th position for the overall.

We then travelled straight to the venue of the Italian World Championship (Sponsored by Steve Gallichan) that was over the weekend also with a European championship on the Saturday, I rode well on Saturday however made one big mistake one of the biggest and most stupid things i have ever done i rode in the start gate and stalled the bike straight away to 5 the section, I then rode well for the rest of the day to finish with my best result of the season so far in 5th position.

I was happy with the result and really pushing hard on Sunday to do the same, I felt my ridding was really good all weekend and had some awesome rides on some of the more difficult sections however I got done for two fives for clipping markers on the way past them which really hurt and finished in 10th so was a bit disappointed in that after having high expectations after Saturday.

A big thanks to the team, everyone back at home (SEE YOU SOON) and Karl for minding.

Cheers guys,




Hi Everyone,

Rode an Italian championship on Sunday and finished 8th position, It was
quit a tough event with some big sections, as we were way up high in the
mountains the majority of the 15 sections were set on steep rocky hill
sides with also quit a bit of loss rock about so sections were changing
all the time.
I wasn’t happy with my riding at all on the first lap starting the day
off with a 5 on the first section for crossing my line in an attempt to
recover a mistake in over shooting a big rock and a few other fives in
the early part of the lap really put me down the field.

However my second lap was much better and I managed to get quit a few
sections that I hadn’t been able to on the first lap and I halved my
first lap score which was good.

Now I’m back in Florence for a couple of days training until Wednesday
when I have an Italian indoor championship to ride where I will be going
to do my best to improve on my first attempt at the indoor championship
a few weeks ago, We then will head straight from there to the Italian
world championship the following weekend.

So again very busy few weeks ahead just the way I like it.

A big thanks again to Karl for minding over the weekend the rest of the
team, Everyone back home for there support along with sponsors all you
guys are awesome.





Hi guys,

What a full on couple of weeks it has been over here, Last weekend In  Spain We had a European Championship and A world championship on Sunday.  I Finished 8th in the European which I was happy with as I felt like i  was ridding strong all day, the sections had quit a bit of variety with  some big grippy rocks along with slippery creeks with some deep water,

On Sunday I started the day off badly with a 5 on the first section on a  big log steep one that i got without much trouble the day before, The  sections were much the same with a couple of changes here and there to  make it a bit harder. I had some good rides on some of the harder  sections but then followed some really dumb unfortunate mistakes, The  scores of the top ten riders were so close as the trial was set a bit  more easy than others so every point made a massive difference. I finished the day in 15th position with only a handful of points in it  again between the top 5, Wasn’t the result i was hoping for after  Saturdays 8th place but was again a big learning curve and I enjoyed the  event. On Monday morning i headed out and practiced the same sections  that i was having difficulty with over the weekend which was good, some  of them i cleaned first time through just without having that added  pressure off a world championship behind you.

This weekend just been we have been in Andorra riding again the European  Championship and World, On Friday we walked all the sections and to be  honest with you I was quit amassed by the hugeness of the sections and  it wasn’t just one or two of them that were big it was all 15 of the  buggers. However on Saturday when I was riding although there were a few  fives and it was a high scoring event, a lot of the sections rode better  than they looked. I was ridding well throughout the day and i finished  in 7th.

On sunday for the world round a few of the really tuff sections had been  changed, I had a really good first lap of 25 points with only one 5  which was good as a few of the sections it was a awesome ride just to  get through for a 3. However my second lap didn’t go as well and i fived  a few that I had been able to get through on my first lap, i also took 8  points for time penalty’s as the lap was massive and took a bit just to  get between the sections. I still managed 9th place at the end of the  day, I was happy to finish inside the top ten but at the same time  relived that what I am going to call as my ( hardest event in my trials  carrier yet) was over.A big thanks to Karl for minding over the weekend and for making some  impossible catches of the bike, also everyone back home for all there  words of encouragement and support. Thank you also to the Ray Skinner (Spain) and Fine Touch Catering (Andorra) the sponsors for the World Championship rounds.





Hi Everyone,

As Jake hasn’t been able to find any wifi anywhere to update his webpage, i thought i would give a quick update on how he did last weekend in Spain.

Last weekend Jake participated in two events, the European round and the World Champs. The first day was the European round, he rode this very well and finished the day with a great result of 8th place.

The second day was the World Champs where the sections were the same as the day before with some adjustments to make it a little harder.
Jake received some unfortunate 5s throughout the day, which resulted in finishing 15th place which he was a little disappointed about.
The competition is so close between each of the riders and the slightest slip up can change everything. However, we are all so proud of how he is doing. 🙂

This weekend coming is the World Champs in Andorra, so he is now getting himself ready for that, i would like to thank everyone who has made this all possible for Jake, he couldn’t do it without you all.

After this weekend Jake is back in Italy so will be able to update you in more detail and may have some pictures to share.





Hi guys,

Over the weekend I have been training here at the shop on the new rocks
the team had delivered and placed with a digger last week, its great to
just be able to head out on them when ever you want and to a bit of
riding, Also these last couple of days we have been to some training
areas not far from here to get ready for Spain this weekend.

We are leaving tomorrow after lunch and will arrive Thursday afternoon
for some training before the European championship on the Saturday,
Looking forward to it and feeling good on the bike despite a
disappointing result at the indoor last Friday night.

Hope to have some internet access while away but not sure whats the go
yet but will keep you updated as soon as possible,




Hi everyone,

On Friday night I rode in a Italian Indoor championship, my first one
yet, The qualifying round started at 4 in the afternoon with around 20
riders, The sections were prity much what I expected them to be like, in
the qualifying lap there is only 4 sections and you only ride them once,
I was the 6th rider away and was lucky enough to have a couple of the
top guys ride in front of me to see the best lines.

To be honest with you all I was feeling the nerves a wee bit more than
usual and was finding it tough to feel relaxed on the bike, This mainly
being because of the atmosphere that these indoor arena events are run
under, I cleaned the first section but five’d the second on a fearely
big triple steep, I then fived secton 3 right at the start loosing my
ballance on a pipe so prity much by then that was my night over, I
cleaned the last section so I had a total of 10 for qualification which
was well off the pace off the top riders.

It was very frustrating to make such an effort to only ride four
sections and then that was the night finished, I would have loved to
been able to make it into the final rounds as the sections looked
awesome and would of liked to give them all a crack, however next time I
will be doing my best not to make the same mistakes and make it into the
last rounds. Thanks to Karl for minding and the restof the team for
there support.

Now my focus is on the Spanish world round next weekend and will be
training here in Italy up until Wednesday until leaving with the truck,
we will be away a couple of weeks as after Spain is Andorra so we will
go straight there.

update you all again soon,




Hi Guys,

On Sunday I rode in an Italian championship in a small town called
Barzio, I rode the red line which is the top class in the Italian
championship, I finished in 8th position so not a bad effort and an
improvement so overall I am happy with the result, I lost 24 points on
my first lap and 15 on my second, The sections were set at a good level
with a few tough ones, I felt I was riding pretty well an felt an
improvement from the last event on the bike.

Training the past week with my team mate Jack Challoner has been really
good for my riding and have been learning a lot just by watching him and
having ago at the same sections while out training with the team during
the week.

Next weekend we have an Italian Indoor round so im really looking
forward to giving it a crack and getting in amongst the atmosphere of an
indoor event.

Thanks to Karl for minding on Sunday, Top Trial Team for all the
support, Friends and family back home for once again all the
inspirational and encouraging words.

Catch ya all later for now





Hi everyone,

Well what a full on couple of weeks I have had With my first European championship down and Three world rounds down as in France last weekend It was a two day event.

Firstly apologies for not being able to get some info out to you sooner, I got really busy as you can all imagine and I wasn’t able to find any internet connection around.

Anyway Back in Germany a week ago which by the way seems already like a season ago I placed 16th in The European on the Saturday, At first i didn’t feel myself on the bike but I soon wormed up and was able to get focused, The sections were quit big and the odd really long one that was tight on time, I had some great rides where the thousands of spectators really got in behind me which felt awesome, Back home we may just get the observer congratulate us on a good ride but here it feels like your at a bludy rugby world cup.

Sunday was The first World round of the year and the junior line stayed the same in all the sections as the day before in the European, So I was really going out to make an improvement on my two laps the day before, However it rained over night quit heavily which made some of the sections much more difficult. On some sections I improved but others I found tough and there was a few I wasn’t able to get through.I finished my first world round in 14th position all the scores are extremely close and normally one five can drop you from 5th to 15th so every point really does make a big difference .

Monday morning we left Germany and began our travels to France which took a couple of days in the truck, Wednesday I was able to get out on the bike training at the venue of the world round with all the Spanish federation riders, That was awesome and to ride with them was a big learning curve. We did the same on Thursday and Friday was the normal sign in and bike cheeks also walked the first impression of the sections were that they were extremely big but there was heaps of grip there and the actually rode much better than they looked.

Saturday morning I was feeling good and started the day off good with some awesome rides, there is a new rule over here that even if you touch the markers just the slightest you will be done a five, I would even go as far as to say if the wind blew while riding past you would be penalized for it. Very frustrating at times when you look where some of them has been placed and especially when you are having a wicked ride and then you hear the whistle blow for a five. However, its the same for everyone and something I am fare more aware of after this weekend. I finished Saturday in 7th position which I was very happy with considering I was only two points off 5th.

Sunday I was really pushing hard for that top 5 but again some issues with touching markers really put me down the ladder, I was feeling quit good on the bike all day but just some really unlucky mistakes put me down in 14th again over the two laps.

I was a wee bit disappointed to have finished outside the top ten again but looking ahead at Spain and Andora now where my goal is to get back in there and do my best to improve on my best result yet 7th. Now I’m back in Florence and will be training here this week before an Italian championship this coming Sunday.

A big thanks to you all for your words of encouragement and support especially my sponsors for the world rounds, Francis Sydnham for Germany and Max at Intercoat for France. Thanks to Karl for minding and all family and friends back home couldn’t do it without you all.





Hi Everyone,

I just thought i would give everyone the update as Jake hasnt had any internet access in order to post his write up for the past event.

Well last weekend Jake participated in two events; a European round and the first round of the Junior World Championship both were in Germany.
On the first day (the European round) Jake placed 16th with a final total of 77 points (39 on the first lap and 38 on the second lap).
The second day was the Junior World Champs and the sections happened to be the exact same sections which he rode the day before. Jake finished the day 14th place, not exactly where he had hoped to place which was within the top ten but still a great accomplishment, we are all very proud of him!!!

Hopefully Jake might be able to get internet access within the next few days to give you a full run down of the weekend in more detail and possibly some photos 🙂

Will keep in touch,




Hey Guys,

Yesterday I competed in my first event, an Italian Hard trial. I was riding the top class as this is what I will be riding in the Italian outdoor championship, The sections for me were difficult and I found the day quit tough with big steep after big steep in every section, My first lap I lost 35 points and my second 32, This was well off the pace of the top few riders and I was only able to finish in 11th position, I broke my back wheel snapping multiple spokes on my first lap on a big steep on section 10. Because of the way they run these type of events this put us well behind on time and meant more riders got in front which meant longer waits to get into the sections.

I’m a wee bit disappointed in my result as this is not how I wanted to start off the season, however this event is not counted in the Italian championship that I will compete in in a few weeks time at a place I remember very well in the small town of Barzio as this is where I won an Italian outdoor event in 2008, I look forward to getting back there and having the same success. This weekend was also a good warm up for my first world round this coming weekend in Germany and followed by France the following. We will be leaving for Germany in the truck on Wednesday morning and arriving a couple of days before to get use to the terrain etc.

A big thanks to Karl For his superior minding yesterday and for saving me and the bike with some almost impossible catches, Also all my friends, Family and members of the supporters club for all there encouragement and support along with my Girlfriend Georgie couldn’t do it without you all.

Thanks again,



Hi Guys,

Things are going well over here for me, this week has been good as I have had some good time on the bike at some good training areas and feeling great on it, The weather has been fantastic the last couple of days with a few hot afternoons out training so I hope for the same this weekend at my first event on Sunday, We are leaving tomorrow afternoon with a two hour drive to the venue, Its an Italian hard trial and is run very differently to other events, The first rider starts at two in the afternoon and the majority of the sections are set like an arena event. It is designed for the public so with a bit of luck there will be a few spectators about on Sunday.

I’m really looking forward to getting out there for the first time this year and giving it all I have so keep an eye out on my next post with some results of the event.

Catch up again soon,


Hey Guys,

Last couple of days have been awesome, have had lot’s of time on the bike at some really great training areas. Saturday morning we left the shop and got an early start as we had a three our drive to the place where the last European championship was held. After navigating the big van through some very narrow Italian streets we arrived ok and had the afternoon to train. I was very lucky because all the section tape and markers were still in place for the 15 sections from the previous weekend so I could practice the actual lines they took.

My first impression of the sections were that they were quite challenging in areas however it was raining at the time and extremely slippery, I was told by some Italian riders that the sections were set out for dry conditions and the weekend of the European championship it was hot and dry. As It was my first time on the new bike I took it easy and we decided that it would be best to try the blue line which is one class down from what I will ride in the World championship, The blue line would still be harder than our Expert class back home.

We were lucky on Sunday as the sun came out and everything dried out nicely. The red line now looked much better and after attempting a few sections a few times it was now not such a big deal, sure they were still much harder than anything I would normally ride but I think they are a good level and I will be looking for good results at the opening round.


Today We drove a couple more hours to a Indoor training area which was really cool and this afternoon we trained here.

The sections were very big and much higher than what I am use to but after an hour or so I was much more confident and riding bigger and bigger steeps.

Tomorrow morning we will travel not so far from here and practice some natural terrain.

After lunch we will make the five hour trip back to Florence to the Top Trial Team Shop and prepare for this weekends hard trial event on Sunday.

That’s all for now,




Congratulations to HEATHER ROBB (ticket no 49) who won the Interislander Raffle.


Hi Guys,

Me and Karl are now here in Florence with Top trial team, we arrived into Florence late last night after a long few days of traveling, those 12 hr flights don’t seem to get any easier. Karls flight up from Nelson on Monday morning was delayed due to fog which meant we couldn’t make it two our international flight in time, We were then re booked for a flight later that night but turned up to only find out that there was a problem with the booking and we could not get on, So once everything was finally sorted we were then booked on a flight for 11.15pm the following day, Thanks to the Draper family for putting me and Karl up for the night.

Tuesday night we finally got away via HongKong through to Frankfurt and then Florence, We were picked up by the teams manager Michele Bosi and taken down to the shop were we are staying, Me and Karl have a room at the back of the shop were we will be staying while we are in Italy. The shop is awesome with almost as many trials bikes in it as the whole of NZ, I also got my bike today and set it up with Karl we haven’t tested it properly get only in the car park but from the short ride I had on it what a weapon it is. I also got all my team riding clothing and gear today which was really cool, We even have our own little gym at the shop that we will be using over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow we will get out training for the first time to run the bike in and get use to the power etc so I’m looking forward to that, the training areas are about 20mins drive away so fairly handy to where we are which is good.

Also this weekend we may be going to where last weekends European championship was held for training which will be good to see the sections and practice the same lines.

Anyway I will let you know how I get on,








Hi All
Just a quick up-date to let you know what we finally departed New Zealand for Italy on Tuesday.
Thanks to all that have supported me over these last months it is very much appreciated.
Looking forward to getting into it when I arrive.
Will keep you all posted soon.
Thanks again


Supporters Club 2011

We are giving friends, family and the general public a wonderful opportunity to help Jake continue his quest for the 2011 Junior World Trials Championship by becoming a member of the Supporters Club. To find out more about the Supporters Club Click Here



North Island Champs in Tauranga    

Hi Guys,

Had rounds 3&4 of the North Island champs over the weekend up in Tauranga, this was my last event I will ride here in New Zealand Before leaving for Europe in a few weeks time, It was quite a low scoring event over the two days with just the odd point here and there as sections were set in rivers creeks and loose rocks so quite hard to predict how they would ride as they were changing all the time.

Saturday I was in quite a lot of pain on the bike after hurting my lower back earlier in the week training so this made It difficult to ride and meant I was making mistakes I wouldn’t normally be making, I dropped 12 on my first lap 8 on my second and 9 on lap three and four so still reasonably  consistent once I got warmed up and considering the circumstances not to bad, Sunday I felt better and had a bit more flexibility back, sections were set at much the same level but there was three laps of 12 sections rather than four laps of 10, my first lap I dropped 5 points and second Lap 6, I was only on one point right up to section 12 on my second lap, I got slightly off the line were I wanted to be as I new there was grip there but instead got into a load of slippery crap and ended up missing the marker. On my Last lap things went well and I didn’t loose any points at all So I was pleased to be able to finish the weekend on a really good last lap.

I won the weekend with a very good lead over my rivals so a grate way to finish off before heading away, A big thanks to my minder Karl Clark, Kapiti Beta motorcycles, my sponsors Hutt Boyz chopperz, Interislander, The Gadget Guys, Spectro oils, Pro Grip, DID, NGK, TCX , Renthal and Hynds pipes.

Also to everyone who has donated and contributed  towards getting me to Europe this year you guys are awesome I can not thank you enough, I look forward to getting over there and doing my best to give something back in return.

Thanks again,

Jake Whitaker


Training Weekend with Karl   

Last weekend I was down in Motuaka training with Karl, I got down there on Friday around 3pm in the afternoon so we headed down to the river for some training on the rocks as always Karl set some good challenging sections for me and I got them all on time by the end of the training season. 

Saturday we headed out to a property where one of the SI rounds were held last year and Karl set up a mini world round which was awesome we had Six sections, In the morning we were just working on getting each one on time and by lunch time I had got each one at least once, after a much needed lunch break it was 4 laps of 6 sections, most of them were on rocks and quite technical with a few big steps and gaps to jump across. It was defiantly the hardest trial I have ridden in NZ for awhile but it was awesome to be able to get put under pressure while just out training, as this is just a small dose of what I will be facing in Europe so great preparation.

Sunday was much the same however we through in a couple of slippery creek sections so that took a wee bit to get use to going from the rocks to the slippery stuff.  It got pretty frustrating as they took me awhile to clean but that just means that we were doing some good as if I wasgetting them first ride through they wouldn’t be hard enough and I wouldn’t be improving.

So after a tuff but successful weekend training with Karl I headed home Monday morning. Back into it this week up here in Wellington I have been out running heaps and in the gym with my Bro so feeling fit and almost ready to take on the World.

A big thanks to my sponsors: Interislander Ferry’s, MNZ, Spectro Oils, Pro Grip, DID, NGK, TCX, Hutt Boyz Choppers, Kapiti Beta motorcycles.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me,

Bye for now


Mick Andrews Training School

I was lucky enough to meet Mick Andrews at one of his training schools here in NZ a couple of weeks ago in Wanganui, Mick is a well known name in classic trials and back in the day was a factory rider, he also has won the European championship so he has a lot of experience along with success behind him, I enjoyed speaking with Mick and hearing about some of the wicked stories he had. He also was very interested in what I was up to so I filled him in on what my plans are for this year and he wished me all the best and looks forward in following my progress.

I was also in Wanganui to help out with the training school that Mick was running so after having a bit of a talk to everyone in the morning about bike set up and answering a few questions I set off with a group of modern trials riders and Mick took all the Classic guys.

We went over all the basics with everyone and they all seemed to get a lot out of it which was good to see everyone improving, we even had a guy out there on an Enduro bike doing some stuff, at the start he was watching me do some wheelies down the paddock he said to me whiles sitting on his WR250 (well I would like to see you do it on this!) So I hoped on and gave it a crack, I had it up sitting on the back wheel in no time doing some slow controlled wheelies. Once he could see that with a wee bit more effort you could do similar things he was away, I even had him doing a double steep some of the trials riders on modern bikes were struggling to get.

It was a good weekend and thanks to everyone up there for there donations towards my season ahead it’s much appreciated.



Hi everyoneJust thought I’d give you a run down on what I have been doing for the last couple of months.

Mid-January I had my second training camp for fundraising.  John Haynes, Brady Inwood and Darryl Jones did the four day camp and I was really happy with their progress at the end of the camp.  The following weekend I also did a training weekend with the Ixon club and was well attended.

Headed North with John Lawton at the end of January as he had a new shipment of Betas arrivingso we could deliver these to the new owners.  I headed to my last fundraising training held with the Hamilton club for a Saturday and Sunday training with good numbers in attendance.  Thanks for Jim Henderson for putting us up and for MNZ for their support.

Big thanks to all the guys that attended all trainings North and South for the help with my fundraising as every bit counts.

Start of February is 100% concentration on getting myself prepared before I leave for Italy.  Karl offered to do me a training programme which is also on my site so I have been hard at it following this with also working.

5 & 6 February was the first North Island Championship rounds and thanks to Karl and Debbie for making the trip up and their support, also Georgina for helping me on the weekend.  I finished the weekend with two convincing wins with also competing the weekend with a time limit with only one minute per section.  A big surprise to me from the North Island Syndicate Committee giving me a very well received donation towards my fundraising.  So thanks heaps.  A good but very wet weekend and just the workout I needed.

18th February with great sponsorship from the Interislander  I headed South to Karl’s for my first official dot training.  This is new to our training, Karl makes me sections marked out with pink spray paint and when there are sprayed dots I have to place my wheels exactly on these dots which is going to give me very good accuracy with also running on time per section.  We went out for three hours on Friday afternoon and six hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday was the draw for the raffle and we were booked in for the Police Station Sunday early evening.  Firstly I would like to thank everyone who brought tickets and those people who made donations towards the fundraising.  3rd Prize was Peter Blymires who will contact Kapiti Motors for his prize, 2nd John Regan who will contact Marlborough Trials Centre also to collect his prize.  1st prize was won by Ray Skinner.  I rang Ray after returning from the draw to tell him the good news, Ray was blown away and couldn’t believe it and made the comment to me that he never wins anything, out of the kindness of himself, Ray wanted to donate the money back to the fundraising as he saw it as a donation.  This absolutely blew myself and the team away with his generosity and we would like to thank him again for his act of kindness.

Monday I travelled back home to a hot Wellington weather and saw that Karl had me down for a run.  So when I got home me and my brother headed off.  Big thanks to my bro Ben as he is also helping me with the fitness side of the training.  The next few weeks are training hard from my programme and head back to Karls for the next lot of dot training on the 11th March.

Also my heartfelt thoughts go out to all those people in Christchurch and the Christchurch Trials Club Members, hope you are all safe and ok.

Thanks to:  Hutt Boyz Choppers, Spectro Oils, Pro Grip, NGK,DID, The Gaget Guys, Kaos trials team, Kapiti Beta, Interislander, MNZ and Georgina, Karl, Debbie and Mum and Dad.

Congratulations on the winners of the raffle!
I would like to say a big thank you to all those who supported us.

1st – Ray Skinner
$4,500 voucher to be spent either at Marlborough Trials Centre or Kapiti Motorcycles

2nd – John Regan
Thor Riding Pants, Shirt and Pair of Gloves (provided by Marlborough Trials Centre)

3rd – Peter Blaymires
Riding Boots (provided by Kapiti Motorcycles)

A special thanks go to Brendon and John for their contribution towards our raffle and all those who purchased  tickets.


Jake and Georgina
Team Whitaker


Written By: Jake  Dec• 08•10


(In association with Pioneer Motorcycle Club, Christchurch) Jake would like to invite everyone to have a chance to get behind a Future World Champion and a chance to be into win one of 3 prizes below.

We are still hard at it fundraising for Jake to get him to Europe for the 2011 Season.  We have put together a raffle which I’m sure you all will be pleased at what you could win.

We would appreciate if you could help us spread the word around about the raffle.

Also just a reminder that the 2010 New Zealand Championship DVD is still for sale, it is a great DVD so make sure you get your copy today.  Contact Derek to get your copy.

Thanks for your support!!
Team Whitaker

The raffle includes:

1st Prize – $4,500 voucher
(can be spent on whatever you wish either at Kapiti Motorcycles or Marlborough Trials Centre) It would be like Trials Heaven to be able to go into a shop and spend up to this amount.
It could be spent on Accessories for your bike from riding gear or even a deposit on a new Bike for the 2011 moto trials season.

    2nd Prize – Thor MX Riding Gear
(provided by Marlborough Trials Centre)
Prize includes 1x Pants/Shirt/Pair of Gloves

    3rd Prize – Trials Boots
(provided by Kapiti Motorcycles)
Price includes 1x set of riding boots in the winners size.

 Cost per ticket is $100.00

(if tickets are all sold prior to close off date then draw may be drawn earlier)

Please click on the a ticket number to reserve your ticket or you can contact Debbie by phone 03 528 7321.  Once we have received your request we will issue you with payment details.  When sending through email for payment details please make sure that you included your name, contact phone number and address otherwise tickets cannot be issued.  Payment for ticket is to be made within three days by email/phone request if payment not made ticket will then be resubmitted for resale.

This fundraising raffle is to help Jake Whitaker compete in 8 rounds of 2011 World Trials Junior Championship in Europe with the Top Trial Team based in Italy.  The raffle ticket butts will be drawn on the 20 February 2011 at the Lower Hutt Police Station, New Zealand. Or live on T.V for everyone to see.  Ticket numbers are limited to 150.  The winner/s will be notified by phone within three days once raffle has being drawn.  In the event of cancellation all entrants will be notified and also it will be published in The Press and Dominion newspaper and all money will be refunded to all ticket holders.

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2011 World Trial Championship

Written By: Jake  Nov• 06•10

As most of you all know, in 2008 I completed a full World Championship season riding alongside the Italian Future Trial Racing Team, with the help of Karl Clark as minder/mechanic, in which I competed in Europe, America and Japan.  At the end of the season I had a world ranking of 10th in the youth 125cc under 18 class.

In 2011 Karl and I plan to return to the World Championship scene in Europe. My ambition is to contest in the 2011 World Championship as well as retaining my New Zealand, Australian and Oceania titles if possible.  We will be going at the beginning of May 2011 and we will be based in Florence, Italy and we will ride as part of the Top Trial Team.  We will be based there for three months.

It isn’t an easy process trying to find a major sponsor and there is a lot of behind the scene organising to do.  With support from Karl (minder/mechanic) who is familiar with the European scene from 2008, Georgina (Manager), Debbie (Co-Manager) and my parents Pat and Michelle I am fortunate to have a fantastic team on board that is willing to help out in any way possible.

To make this all possible the team need to raise $70,000 to be able cover the cost of joining the Top Trial Team.  Depending on how much I am able to raise will determine the length of time we will spend overseas and how many events I will participate in. If we are only able to raise a part of this amount then we would be looking at competing in a selection of world championship events.   This would also give me a decent head start for the following year in 2012, as I would be well prepared and aware of the challenges that I will face and the competition I will be up against, also if all goes to plan some great results.  This will also put New Zealand on the map in the world scene of trials and will make it easier for the up and coming youth to participate in teams overseas in the future.

I would appreciate your support to help me compete against the world best in 2011 and would appreciate any donations you could give.  If you would like to help us out in sending myself and Karl to Europe for the 2011 season you can contact me any time by mail, phone or email.

Kind Regards

Team Jake Whitaker


125cc Youth Training Camp

Written By: Jake  Nov• 06•10

To view information on this camp click here

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New Zealand Champs in Christchurch

Written By: Jake  Oct• 28•10

Ended the year on an awesome note this long weekend winning my 4th New Zealand 3 day title, down In Christchurch. I headed down south last Thursday with my Minder Nick so I could have a practice on Friday to get use to the conditions and the terrain down that way. Turned out that the area we were training in was perfect practice for Saturday’s competition with slippery creek beds and muddy climbs.

I really enjoyed my riding all weekend and felt I was riding well, I won three out of the 3 days, which made things a lot more pleasant over the weekend compared to last years champs were I left it to the last day on the last few sections to retain my title, So this year I was a lot more relaxed and confident in my riding especially after day ones result.

The sections I feel were set at a good consistent level for a New Zealand Championship with a few testing sections on each of the days, I enjoyed Sundays trial the best with majority of the sections set on a hill side with big grippe rocks everywhere, I enjoy this kind of riding the most but still enjoyed the slippery venues on Saturday and Monday. I feel that I have improved tremendously this season with my riding in the slippery conditions which I am really pleased with as in the past this has always been one of my week areas.

This year has been a really big and successful year for me and I’m really happy how it has all paned out, I have achieved everything I set out to do at the beginning of the season and now looking at bigger and greater things to accomplish in the new year, hopefully I can return to Europe for the Junior World Championship. However as always the major issue is a lack of funds, over the next few week’s we will be working extremely hard with more sponsorship attempts to help achieve this goal.

A really big thanks to everyone who has helped made this year possible including my sponsors:

Hutt Boyz Choppers, Spectro Oils, Pro Grip, NGK,DID, Kaos trials team, Kapiti Beta and good old Mum and Dad.

Also a special thanks to Nick Ball my minder throughout the season in all events, he has done such an awesome job and we have worked so well together having some good laughs along the way, so thanks for your support mate you played a big part in helping with my success this year.

Bye for now,

Jake Whitaker

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Last two rounds of North Island Champs, Tauranga

Written By: Jake  Sep• 27•10

Hey Everyone,

This past weekend I have been competing in the last two rounds of the North Island Champs up in Tauranga. Was an awesome couple of days riding in the wet slippery conditions, I was able to  wrap up the series convincingly winning all eight rounds which was a great achievement.

The first section of the day on Saturday I managed to come backwards of a fairly big rock steep out of the river, slipped over and wasn’t able to hold my bike up out of the water and drowned it. This wasn’t the best start to the day but with the help of my good mate Clarkey the bike was running again and we were away. The rest of the day was good just loosing the odd point to the unforgiving tree root and muddy banks.

Sunday was much the same apart from a couple of quarry sections that I really enjoyed riding as there was a few nice big steep’s in there and a wee bit more grip than the rest of the course.

A really big thanks to my sponsors for helping make it possible for me to compete in this series this year, Spectro oils, Pro Grip, NGK, DID chains Hutt Boyz Choppers and Kapiti Beta for helping out with the best bike ever!!

I am now focused on the New Zealand championship that is going to be held down in Christchurch over Labour weekend, Will be training hard up until that on the bike and gym to be in good shape for my attempt on my 4th New Zealand Title.



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2010 Australian Championships and Queensland Arena trial.

Written By: Jake  Aug• 30•10

Arrived home last night after a successful trip to Aussie. The Australian titles were held just out of Brisbane at Thunderbird Park on the 21st and 22nd August. On the Friday before the event in the practise area I was feeling good about the weekend as it was almost exactly the same as the training area I have been spending a lot of time at. Very slippery river beds and rocks in and out of the rivers. A very different style of riding as I find the best way is just to keep flowing on this sort of terrain instead of lots of stopping and starting. The less hopping you do the better and wheel placements are so critical with absolutely no room for error.

Saturday Morning I felt awesome, ready to ride and to let all the hard work that has been put into my riding over the last year pay itself off. My first lap was average and I was currently sitting in 3rd place, I didnt put it down to nerves as I wasnt feeling an awful amount, instead I felt I just hadnt warmed up and found that rhythm yet. However I definitely rode a lot stronger in the second lap and managed to claim the lead over the weekend to win the first day.

Everything was in place leading into Sunday, Currently leading, Great bike, Awesome team, felt like I hadnt even been on the bike for a full day the day before, my fitness was good. I was able to completely block out the previous day which was necessary as the points were close and any pressure could have led to some mistakes. I rode my own event all day competing only against myself, forgetting about any other rider and what they may be doing differently. I was so in the zone and comfortable that I felt like I was just out training like any other weekend. It was awesome to be able to do that and was the first time ever that I have experienced that feeling. I made one big mistake on Sunday giving me 5 points on my card for timing out on section 9 on my second lap by a split second. I finished the rest of the lap off faultless to section 15. At this point in time I had not seen or heard anything about the scores on the first lap. I knew that I rode my best riding back to the pits and that I was definitely in the running for the title.  To look up at the score board to see my first lap of four points and my overall lead of 22points ahead of second place was a feeling and a moment that I wont ever forget.

Winning the Australian title means a lot to me and something that I am extremely proud of. I have worked really hard for it over these past few years and to finally win it makes all the hard work worth it.

I couldn’t have done it without such a great team behind me, So a massive thanks to Team Kaos Darryl and Estelle Boorer, My Minder Nick Ball as always awesome effort, My Mum and Dad For all the support and for believing in me along with my Girlfriend Georgina. Darren and Annette Stockmen for all their encouragement and help over the two days. Karl Clark un able to finish the weekend after an extremely un lucky problem occured and made any hope of a good result impossible, I feel for ya mate and wish things could have worked out differently for you, However Thanks for the words of encouragement and following me around on my final lap on Sunday.

On the 28th I competed in my first ever Arena trial on the Gold coast, The 2010 Queensland Invitational Arena Moto-Trials Championships. This was a really cool event with some big spectacular sections. My biggest competition was Kyle Middleton one of Aussies best riders. We were neck and neck all day with only ever a couple of points seperating us, swapping over the lead back and forth. I won all the race sections of the event against Kyle but he got me near the end of the day. There was a misunderstanding with the timing of the sections and I timed out after a really good clean ride. Kyle was riding well and I am happy for him to take the win. Well done mate, See you in a few weeks time for the next NSW round.

A big thanks to my sponsors, Team Kaos, Spectro oils, Pro grip,DID chains, NGK, Hutt boyz choppers, Hynes pipes, John and Rebecca Lawton at Kapiti Beta.

Thanks guys, could not do it without you all.


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3rd round of NSW titles.

Written By: Jake  Aug• 02•10

Hi everyone,

This Sunday just been I have been away over in Sydney for the 3rd NSW state round. Unfortunaly I was un able to proform to the standard I have been riding at previous rounds this season.  It was one of those days that things just didnt flow  and I struggled to feel comfortable  on the bike all day.  I finished 10 points behind 2nd place (Kyle Midelton) over the day.

The sections were set at a good level with a couple of good size steeps with short run ups. I have come away from the weekend a bit disapointed in the result but In away was good to have a wake up call before the Champs at the end of the month in Brisbane. I am now 110% focused on this next big event and will be working hard to achive only one thing in Brisbane.

A big thanks to Darryl and Estelle Boorer at Team Kaos for all there sponsorship and support. My minder Nick for giving his all and for some near impossible catches of the bike. My sponsors back here at home, Spectro oils, Vee Rubber tyers, Pro Grip and Hutt boyz choppers.

cheers guys.


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N.I Champs 5&6

Written By: Jake  Jun• 21•10

Hi everyone,

Arrived home last night after a cold wet weekend up at the second to last rounds in Hamilton. On Saturday the weather held off but the ground was still fairly slippery with all the rain earlier in the week which made a couple of sections interesting which was good in a way as most of the sections were on the easy side. Finished the day off with another good lead ahead of second place with a 13 points lost for the day.

After Listening to the amount of rain coming down through the night it was hard to be enthusiastic about getting out there Sunday morning, We got out there in the end to see that the organizers were setting all new sections along the side of the river as the river had risen so much over night that we couldn’t cross it. Went out for a warm up and it was clear it was going to be an extremely slippery and muddy day. Started the day off great finding plenty of traction in all the mud. Had a unlucky 5 on one of the sections towards the end of my first lap which I wasn’t happy about as it was such a low scoring trial that it makes it tuff to come back from that. After a disappointing first lap of 8 points I improved on my second to only drop 2, Due to the conditions the Organizer decided to drop a lap to only make it a three lap trial, on my final lap I Was riding my best I had done all day and didn’t make any mistakes which was good because the sections defiantly got harder as the day went on.

My next Big event is In Aussie in the first week of August for the 3rd round of the NSW champs which between now and then I will be training hard for. New bike has Arrived over the weekend so looking forward to ripping it out of the box this afternoon.

A big thanks to my minder Nick for all his efforts over the weekend, John Lawton at Beta for helping out with, what I can only call an awesome bike.

My sponsors, Hutt boyz choppers, Vee Rubber tyers, Spectro oils, Pro grip GP Gel, DID chains, crown Kiwi enterprises,  Kapiti Beta, Kaos trials

Thanks Guys,


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Round two NSW Championship

Written By: Jake  May• 24•10

Hi all,

Home today after another successful trip over in AU for the second round, held at Pacific Park about an hour out of Sydney. Really enjoyed the weekend everything went well, bike and team was awesome as always.

Started the first lap off a bit nervy but still made very few mistakes despite not feeling to comfortable on the bike, Half way through first lap things fell into place and we were away, putting in a fairly tidy first lap of ten points with a five point advantage over second position. My second lap started of fantastic until half way through I felt a migraine coming on this coursed my vision to go very blurry, which made things extremely difficult for me. I had Two fives and a one which really mucked up my score.

Going into the third lap I felt much better and I could actually see where I wanted to go, So I new I could come back and improve on my last lap. Section nine and ten were the stoppers for the day but on my third lap I cleaned nine and almost cleaned ten but went for a safety dab on the last rock , I only dropped four points on my final lap which I was really happy with.

I won the day overall by twenty five points, an improvement from the previous round where I only won by a single point. A Big thanks to  Darryl and Estelle Boorer at Team Kaos  for the bike and all the support, My Minder Nick, John Lawton for the help and encouragement over the weekend

My sponsors,

Team Kaos, Spectro oils, pro grip, Acerbies, Vee Rubber tyers, DID racing chains, Hutt boyZ choppers , Kapiti Beta, Crown Kiwi Alpinstars, Nick Ball and Mum and Dad.

thanks guys.


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First NSW round Appin

Written By: Jake  May• 04•10

Hi guys,

Just got back from Sydney late last night, another wicked weekend away across the Tasman.

This was the first time for the year I was able to compete along side Aussies top riders sinse there titles last year in August. With the change to the new bike and all the training me and my minder Nick have been doing over the last few months I was feeling confident and ready to have another crack.

The NSW rounds are only one day events so we arrived at the venue on the Sunday morning nice and early as I wasn’t able to get on the bike on the saturday to have a practise as were driving down from Orange. This made a more nervey start than normal but felt much better going into the second lap.

The sections were more on the easy side so it was clear that it was going to be a low scoring event, so we would be needing to fight for every single point. My first and second lap was good whitch put me in the lead but only just, the points were very close all day and on my last lap I got three points on as section that I had been getting through without any trouble on previous laps, this ment that I had to make up for that mistake on one of the harder sections that I was loosing points on in my first two laps. I managed to clean the toughest section of the day which put me back up along side second place. I new the scores were going to be very tight but to get back to the score board to find there was only one point in it was a bit of a shock and for me a big relief. I had won against the best riders in Austrailia but only just! This shows that it is going to be a tuff year and also a good reminder of the hard work needed to be spent before the next round in a couple of weeks time.

A massive thanks to My Minder Nick your the man bro!, Darryl and Estelle Boorer at team Kaos for the bike and all the support, Spectro oils, Vee Rubber tyers, pro grip, Hutt boyz choppers, Hynds pipes and Crown kiwi enterprises.

thanks again everyone for the on going backing and support you guys are awesome.




Hi everyone,

Had another great weekend up in Hawks Bay, Always enjoy riding up that way as they have some awesome venues to ride at. Saturday I made very few mistakes in fact only two points a bit gutterd about them as one of them was soft as, would have been great to do the day for Zero. So dispite the two points I was still happy to take the win by such a good amount of points.

Sunday was held just out of Havlock North below Te Mata peak, This place has a bit of a meaning to me as it is where I claimed my first NZ title back in 2007. So it was great to get back there and ride. I didn’t have a very good start to the day, mising a marker in section two in the long grass and also another stupit five on section ten. I only lost one other point thoughout the lap. Wasnt happy with that score at all. Sorted those dumb mistakes out on my second lap and only dropped two, then on my third only one point. Was determined to get that lap of zero on my last lap and I managed to do it. Overall I was pleased with my riding and again won by a good amount of points.

A massive thanks to my Minder Nick for talkin me through it all and sayin all the right things, perfect job mate. My sponsors Hutt boyz Choppers, Vee Ruber tyers, Spectro oils, Pro Grip gloves, John Lawton at Beta and team Kaos AU. And of cause by lovely Girl frend Georgina for all ya help and support thoughout the weekend.

thanks Guys

back home training now got a couple of weeks before first round over in AU so shes head down a#s UP.


Oceania 2010 In Aussie

Hey eveyone,

Got home yesterday from two weeks over in ozz, I was lucky enough to get over a week before the Oceania so I was able to get some good practise in. I Stayed with Darryl and Estelle Boorer ( my major sponsor over in Austrailia this year) These guys are awesome, I couldn’t have asked for anything more while I was over there as i felt like I was back over in Europe riding for a world championship team, it was wicked. Estelle took me down to Pacific Park where the aussie titles were held last year for some practice in the weekend, It was good to get back there as I really enjoy riding at that place.

My minder Nick flew in the following Monday and we all headed down to Glenmagie where the Oceania was. Got to have a practise on the Thursday and Friday and couldn’t get over how simalar the conditions were to back home. Lots of water sections with slippery rocks and loose banks. Saturday morning my first to laps were avrage but still well in the hunt, wasn’t until my 3rd lap I felt really good and made very few mistakes with only a lap of 6 points. This gave me a good clean win and put me in a good position for Sunday.

Sunday was much the same but the sections were not as difficult which made things for me a little harder, as it ment that the other riders could get closer to me with just one little mistake. Second place was close to me on the first to laps but much the same as Saturday I felt better as the day went on and had a awesome lap of only 4 points, Which gave me another 1st place.

The rest of the NZ team did well to, with Warren taking out his grade along with Gabby our Junior girl and Steph our senior girl doing well to. This gave New Zealand the 2010 Oceania title.

What a fantastic weekend and week it has been, a massive thanks to Darryl and Estelle Boorer at team Kaos for all there support and for the full factory bike, felt great to be appart of such a awesome team, My minder Nick top job mate! could have asked for anything more you really do no how to get the most out of me.

Thanks again to everyone who supported me while I was over there and we look forward to getting back over in may for the first Round!




Rounds 1&2 NI champs

Hey guys,

Over the weekend I had the first two rounds of the North Island Champs And man what a awesome weekend, really enjoyed myself, Taranaki did an awsome job of setting out some grate sections. Day 1 I would have to say was my favourate as there were more big rocks and not as slippery. I was pleased with my riding all day apart from one queer 5 on section two on the first lap, dont really no what happend I just decided it would be a good idea to let go of my bike at the bottom of a rock. Day 2 had lots of slippery stuff in and out of rivers, had a dumb 5 at the begining of the day, mainly because of the wrong gear selection. Had a first lap of 15 then improved with a second lap of 4 then a bad last to laps of 11 and 10. not as consistant throughout the day as i would have liked, But still I won the weekend both days with a comfortable lead which has boosted my confidence for heading over to Aussie later on in the week.

I leave for Aussie on Wednesday and have a good week training over there hopfully with some of there top riders, Then the Ociania champs over Easter weekend. (cant wait)

A big thanks to my sponsors Hutt buyz choppers, Vee Rubber tyers, Spectro oils, DID chains, Pro grip gloves, alpinstar/ Crown kiwi enterprises, John and Rebecca Lawton at Beta, Darryl and Estelle Boorer at Team Kaos.

Thanks a lot guys without all of you this year would not be posible for me.




New bike

Hey everyone,

For those of you that don’t no I have changed my brand of bike for this up and coming season. I am now on the 2010 Beta 290 which im really enjoying riding. Its taking a bit to get use to but im starting to really feel comfortable on it.

A really big thanks to John and Rebecca Lawton New Zealands Beta importers for helping me out to get on this awesome bike. Also a massive thanks to Team Kaos, for making it possible for me to compete in this years NSW championship and the Aussie titles, im really looking forward to getting over there in the end of March when i’ll be doing my best to get that bike up there on that top step where it belongs.

Thanks guys,


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