Hi All,

Well I have had a full on past week or two and a lot of fun along the way. At this point in time i’m in Beijing China after Just breaking my World record again (fastest time over 21 oil drums ). My orginal record stood at 11.37 seconds and yesterday I got it down to 10.993, However the conditions were extreamly testing as the weather here at the moment is extreamly cold sitting at minus 9 degrees most days. On top of not being able to feel my fingers infact the majority of my body the steel drums were quit slippery with being so cold so this made it very difficult.

A few weeks ago I was called by a big Tv Company over here, They are currently running a Guiness world record show and wanted me over here to attempt my own record again so the next day after returning from holiday in Fiji we were on our way here, going from 35 degrees to minus 9 degrees is a big shock to the system. We have a couple more days left here to have a look around Beijing then back home in time for Christmas. I will add photos as soon as i get home.